Characteristics of Vietnamese women. What type of men are attracted? !

Hello everyone. I got marred with Vietnamese woman and already 3 years passed by. So today I will talk about Vietnamese women.

The ratio of International marriage going up

The number of international marriages has been increasing all over the world, and it is expected that the proportion of international marriages will continue to rise steadily in the future as it gains further globalization.

About characteristics and traits of Vietnamese women

I myself got acquainted with various Vietnamese women for several years after marrying my Vietnamese wife and before marrying.

From such experiences, I would like to introduce the personality and characteristics of Vietnamese women.

Very bright and positive

Many Vietnamese people are very bright and open-minded, regardless of gender. This is the reason that they don’t worry often about anything and many tend to decides things fast.

Persons who are indecisive personality should be careful when contacting Vietnamese women.

Talk straight

Vietnamese people tend to hate the way of talking complexly. When you have something to say or opinion, you should talk straight.

When communicating with Vietnamese people, try to avoid “reading the situation” things. It might cause misunderstandings.

The social status of Vietnamese women is high

First of all, Vietnamese women in Vietnam are very high in social status, so they have high pride.

Like In Japan, the proportion of female managers are still less than 10%, but in Southeast Asia including Vietnam it is not unusual for more than 40%, the position of women is very opened.

Therefore, they hate the custom of “Because of woman”. When I work with a Vietnamese woman, I need to throw away the old-fashioned idea as a woman.

Lady first and romanticist is preferred

Since Vietnam was a French territory for a long time, European culture has been affected to their culture.

In particular, women prefer Lady First. So, on a memorial day, gentlemanly correspondence such giving a present and delicious dinner becomes necessary.

Caring and helping people very much

This is also a feature of a Vietnamese woman who is often said, but I think it is true.

In Vietnam, the cultural color of helping the other people is stronger compare to other countries, they take the initiative to do various things without saying anything.

My wife also keeps doing housework without letting me know it. I could be a useless husband really can not do anything someday.

Take caring of family and relatives

It is similar to the above content, In Southeast Asia the way of thinking about family and relatives is quite different from the other countries.

Something happens or not, they always keep in touch and if something bad happened, they would present all their properties and help each other.

This is a Vietnamese woman who treasures her family as much as possible.

High sense of beauty

In recent years, it seems that a whitening boom has arrived in Vietnam, The way of thinking about aesthetic sense is very high.

They use various things from nutritional supplements to whitening packs and cosmetics. Especially Japanese cosmetics have good reputation as good quality.

purse strings is loosen

There is a tendency not to save much money.

Such a background has a spirit of helping each other among families, and there is a way of thinking about doing something with a family if something happens.

They prefer to spend money for family and friends then saving.

Also, price increasing in Vietnam may also be affecting. This is because saving money under inflation cause an assets reduction.

Pure and Honest

Many Vietnamese people are very pure and honest.

Therefore, cheating is out of question. Once you get relationship with Vietnamese woman, relationship with her all family will start until you die.

You can’t date with a half-hearted feeling with Vietnamese woman. You never can’t turn back…

What type of people are attracted by Vietnamese women? !

Well, up to this point I introduced the characteristics of a Vietnamese woman, but I will introduce the type of the men attracted by Vietnamese woman.

A manly man

Generally speaking, a muscular manly guy seems to be popular than cute type of men in Vietnam.

In recent years Korean culture (so-called Hanryu) is popular in southeast Asia, and such types of men are becoming popular as a man.

Man with financially stable

I think that there are many Vietnamese women who observe the economical power of men.

Many Vietnamese women always take a relationship seriously, so there are many cases that you can not associate unless you look at economic efficiency.

A gentleman

Men who are not attentive to women are profitable. Not being a man who underestimate women, always caring for women gently.

Bright and talkative

Vietnamese women are bright and open people. Therefore, people who are bright and talkative are attracted  than serious and silent.


Vietnamese women are strong and gentle. Always thinking about other people and help each other.

If you want to take a relationship with Vietnamese women, being gentle and try to respect their opinions.


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