How to make Vietnamese Chicken Pho

Hi! It’s Jenny. It is getting cold recently. When it is cold, we eat warm pho well in Vietnam. As you might know “Pho” is most famous Vietnamese food.
This time, I introduce how to make popular pho ?(chicken pho).

How to make chicken pho

Before making a pho, need to buy the ingredients below. These days you can buy them at supermarket easily.

ingredients(for two people)

・Chicken wing : 400g
・Noodles of pho : 200g
・Star anise   
・Bean sprouts (for preference)
・Universal stone leek (for preference)
・Long leek (for preference)
・Salt : 5 teaspoon
・Pepper : 1 teaspoon?
・Sugar : a little
・Hot water  : 1200 ml

Let’s make a yummy pho!

Step 1

First, wash the chicken wings and pour hot water into the pan and boil it on a medium fire for around 30 minutes.

One-point Advice

It cost gas charges alot when you boil something with gas for 30 minutes, doesnt it? I often use a rice cooker to save gas. In the case of a rice cooker, we cook water (450 ml) and the chiken wings with a mode of “rice gruel” for from 45 minutes to one hour.

Step 2

Peel the onion and I wash ginger with water and cut it to half.

Step 3

Put an onion and ginger in an oven and bake it with 1,000W for approximately 30 minutes.
The taste of pho can be changed by the quantity of the ginger.

Step 4

While waiting for 30 minutes, we chop the universal stone leek and shred the part of the middle of the long leek and boil the bean sprouts.

I recommend that you should soak the leek in water to get rid of the bitterness.

pict. boiled bean sprouts and universal stone leek

pict. long leek

Step 5

Put the cooked chicken wings, the onion, the ginger and the star anise?in a pan.
Rice cooker> Put the?leftover soup of cooked the chicken wings to the pan from a rice cooker and add 800 ml of hot water. ?And put the chiken wings, the onion, the ginger and the?star anise.

Step 6

Add salt, sugar, pepper and boil them for around 30 minutes on a low heat.

Step 7

Boil the noodles while boiling the soup.

One-point advice

We take the noodle out if It becomes white and move it to cold water.
You can save time if you soak noddles into water for 30 minutes.

Step 8

We pull the bone of the chicken wings out and add something for preference.

Step 9

Finally, pour the soup from a pan, and done!!!

Vietnamese style

In substitution for a chicken, beef is also a popular ingredient in Vietnam.
In addition, it is common to put some?coriander .


How was making pho ?? You can make a pho easier than you think. You can find pho noodle at a super market. If you have a change please try pho! and make your body warm.


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