Color words in Vietnamese

In language, color is a very important word to represent things. Just knowing the color words of the counties, It makes communication easier.

This time I will introduce about the color words of Vietnamese language.

Learning color words by Quiz app

We offer a quiz application so that you can easily remember Vietnamese Vocabularies. There is a quiz for mastering Vietnamese color as well, so please make use of it by all means. You can also check sounds.

Vietnamese words  quiz #Color

Learning color words in Vietnamese

Vietnamese English Sound
trắng  White
đỏ  Red
đen  Black
nâu  Brawn
xanh dương  Blue
xanh da trời  Sky blue
xanh lá cây  Green
vàng  Yellow
da cam  Orange
xám  Grey
hồng  Pink
đồng  Gold
bạc  Silver
tím  Purple


How was that? Master the color of Vietnamese and try communicating with Vietnamese!!


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