Useful Vietnamese phrases while traveling

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In recent years, we are able to get to Southeast Asia from Japan easily because an air fare became cheaper. Thus, we are able to go to Vietnam from Japan easily as well by a direct flight with approximately five hours. Unfortunately there is not yet the direct flight in LCC (Low cost carrier) in Japan now. but, we have heard it seem to go into service in the near future!

This time, we introduce simple phrases which are usable when you go to Vietnam for a trip.

Let’s try to speak Vietnamese if you go to Vietnam for a trip. You must know the Vietnamese culture more deeply and it become the interesting trip if you can communicate with a local person.

Basic greetings and the personal pronoun

the personal pronoun is complicated little bit

In Vietnam, we rarely call the name unlike Japan. This is becase it might be rude except friendly person if you call the name. furthermore, there is no words used to all people such as “YOU”  English pronoun. we have to  change it by sex and the age of them.

I would recommend not to use “EM”, if you cant guess whether they are younger or not.

meanigngs Vietnamese
old man (older than you) ÔNG
old women (older than you)
uncle、aunt(older) BÁC
He(older) ANH
She(older) CHỊ
younger person (regardless of sex) EM


meanings  Vietnemese
Good evening. XIN CHÀO
Nice to meet you. RẤT VUI ĐƯỢC GẶP […]

[…] put the personal pronoun

I’m looking forward to working with you. TỪ NAY RẤT MONG ĐƯỢC NHẬN SỰ GIÚP ĐỠ CỦA BẠN
How are you? […] CÓ KHOẺ KHÔNG?
Im fine. TÔI KHOẺ
Thank you. CÁM ƠN
Im sorry. XIN LỖI

Useful sentences while traveling

on one’s journey

meanings vietnamese
Please tell me some good sightseeing places. […]CÓ THỂ CHỈ CHO TÔI ĐỊA ĐIỂM DU LỊCH CẦN ĐẾN HAY KHÔNG?
How can we get [place’s name]? TÔI NÊN ĐI ĐẾN 【 】 BẰNG GÌ?
What is your place noted for? ĐẶC SẢN Ở ĐÂY LÀ GÌ?
Where can we buy [things]? TÔI NÊN MUA 【 】 ĐẤY Ở ĐÂU?
How long does it take from here to [place’s name]? TỪ ĐÂY ĐẾN 【 】 MẤT BAO LÂU?
How much does it cost from here to [place’s name]? TỪ ĐÂY ĐẾN 【 】 MẤT BAO NHIÊU TIỀN?


In many Asian countries, a price is changeable depends on who you are. If you are foreigner, the price might be higher usually. So in case you want to save money, you should get a discount by using below sentences.

meanings  Vietnamese
How much is it? BAO NHIÊU TIỀN?
too expensive ! ĐẮT QUÁ!
Please give me a discount. GIẢM GIÁ ĐI!
I have little money. TÔI KHÔNG CÓ NHIỀU TIỀN ĐÂU


How was “useful Vietnamese phrases while traveling”? When you go to Vietnam, please try to ask local people with this phrases.

Thank you.


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