How to make Vietnamese coffee: Cafe Den, Cafe Sua, Cafe Saigon

Have you hard of Vietnam coffee ever ? Surprisingly the amount of production coffee is second biggest in the world; following Brazil.

Vietnam is affected by France culture because of colonization. This became a trigger why Vietnamese people drink coffee a lot and Vietnam coffee was born. Recently not only Vietnam but also several Asian countries, Vietnam coffee is getting popular. Here in Japan, it’s not difficult to purchase Vietnam coffee.

What is Vietnam coffee?

Vietnam coffee is roasted by using Rosta bean not Arabica. And adding condensed milk and stir before drinking.

This is the reason Vietnam coffee’s taste is so rich and sweat. Also, in Vietnam coffee there are variety of coffee.

This time, we show you how to make Vietnam coffee and 3 popular drink style in Vietnam.

Preparation for Vietnam coffee

Before making Vietnam coffee, need some things to buy. Let’s prepare and make coffee.

Things to prepare

Showing thins to prepare below.

Vietnam coffee ground : Rosta

Vietnam style coffee filter


Sugar : depends on your preference

Condensed milk : depends on your preference

Ice : depends on your preference

Where can I buy Vietnamese coffee bean and filter?

Although Vietnam coffee is getting popular, it’s still hard to purchase Vietnamese coffee and filter at store.

You can find online shops; Amazon, eBay, etc. For your reference, you can buy the filter around 10$.

Caution : be careful for using filter

The beans for Vietnam coffee are often roasted with batter and vanilla, so if you use normal filter, hard to filter them. recommend to use the filter for Vietnam coffee.

How to make Vietnam coffee

Let’s make Vietnam coffee.

Using the filter for Vietnamese

The filter consists with a filter, a cover and a cup. the picture below is a general filter used in Vietnam.

Set the filter on a glass. 

First, setting a glass on the table and put the filter on the glass like below picture. When Vietnamese people  drink Vietnam coffee, usually use a glass not a mag. As you might know, Vietnam is hot climate because of southeast Asia, so often drink coffee with ice.

Put two spoonful of coffee ground into the cup

Next, Put two spoonful of coffee ground you bought into the cup and above that, put the cover and push.

Pour hot water and wait

Next, Pouring hot water until 5-7 cm from the bottom of the cup. And wait for all water will be filtered and dropped on the glass.

Pour hot water again.

After first pouring finished, pouring the hot water again. This time you fill with hot water until full of the cup and wait again.

Doing again

Repeating this again. Totally you pour the hot water three times. And then Vietnam coffee is completed making.

Lastly add some sugar or condensed milk depends on your preference.

Showing variety of popular Vietnam coffee

There are three popular drinking style; Cafe Den, Cafe Sua and Cafe Saigon.

Cafe den is bitter taste coffee like black coffee. Cafe Sua is sweat coffee with condensed milk. Cafe Saigon is weak coffee like American coffee.

Cafe Den : Black coffee

Cafe Aua : White coffee with condensed milk

Cafe Saigon : like American coffee

We show how to make these coffee.

  • Cafe Den (Black coffee) 
Making Cafe Den
After making coffee, put a teaspoon of sugar and stir. Depends on your preference, you can add some ice.

  • Cafe Sua (White coffee) 

Cafe sua is used condensed milk. As same as cafe den, often drunk as hot and ice.

Making Cafe Sua
After making Vietnam coffee, add condensed milk (35 ml) and stir. You can drink it as both hot and iced.
In ho chi min city, often drunk “Bac xiu” that added more condensed milk (60 ml) and ice.

  • CAFÉ SAIGON (American coffee) 
Making Cafe Saigon
After filtering 3 times, again filtering twice. and then, put coffee in a refrigerator and cool them. As coffee become chilly, put sugar ( three teaspoons ) and stir. Furthermore, Crash the ice and put them to the coffee.


How is this article? It is pleasure if you try to make Vietnam coffee. I’m sure you can experience something new.

Thank you.


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