Red Bull JAPAN of the energy drink company released “Red Bull Energy Drink THE SPRING EDITION” on February 16, 2016. It is sold in only Japan and has a limited period.

world’s first sakura(cherry blossom) flavor Redbull

“Red Bull Energy Drink THE SPRING EDITION” is the world’s first sakura (cherry blossom) flavor Redbull and only be purchased in Japan

Fig. sakura(cherry blossom) in Japan

The pink can which image spring is the first trying in the world as well.

Color of the contents(liquid) of the sakura flavor  is pink too and the taste is fragrant and slightly sweet. We can be energetic with sweet feeling.

My impression is not so good. The aftertaste is  little bit strong. We Japanese often see some collaborations between some products. But nobody knows the accurate tastes of sakura  because sakura is not edible. So these reminds us fragrance in the rest room or car. As far as I know, there is no successful products with sakura flavor. however, If you are interesting it, It is worth trying it.


Red Bull Energy Drink THE SPRING EDITION 185ml

– February 9, 2016
– Recommended retail price 190 yen
– We can purchase some convenience stores in Japan

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